It's me but backwards

Read is a strange one. You are reading this but now you have read it, the spelling never changed but the pronunciation did. English.

Of all the places Waterstones probably not the worst place to find yourself locked in…

Nobody watsapps me anymore I notice.

Archive Radio Times listings are online, so you can see what was on telly when you were born. David icke in my case.

#Autumn is here – Got some nice carrots, parsnips etc in Tesco today, can’t wait to cook up something special tomorrow. #TriedForLess

I’d be good on the #Apprentice my team- Phoneix because when i get fired on week one I could rise from the ashes… see I can talk the shit

Today there was grouse outside my house and a Roller round the corner. #gettingabitposhwhereilive

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