It's me but backwards

I’m #UpForSchool: but wish I had been more up for it when I was a schoolboy. At least I had the choice.

About a month ago I wrote about how I’ve set myself some goals to achieve in the near future. I didn’t list them publicly in the full knowledge that despite my best intentions they may well fall by the wayside…. Continue Reading →

No more eventful days like today please.

Bless Oscar thinks the copyright notice at the start of a DVD means you cant ‘copy’ by singing along.

I need my bed!

I wish I was a better person, doing better things. So that is what I will endevour to do.

So I joined a gym, that’s a thing that happened then.

Moving On & Setting Goals

I left London a few months ago. It was my home for almost a decade and it was a dream long before I moved. Quite why the bright lights of the capital held such attraction for me isn’t clear but… Continue Reading →

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