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In my last post I wrote about my ever developing list making habit and in this one I will detail my ever growing kleptomania. Fortunately me for me it’s digital and all I really have is a habit of hoarding… Continue Reading →

This post is Listed

Lists, lists and more damn lists. My mum is someone who always writes things down, there are a million to-do lists on envelopes and bits of paper all around her home, for Christmas this (last) year I bought her a… Continue Reading →

My son and I shared our childhoods yesterday, we watched several episodes of Rainbow followed by several episodes of the Furchester Hotel…

Three Decades On, What have I learnt?

I am going to be thirty this year – three decades old! I can remember ten years ago thinking ‘crickey two decades’ but in truth it never felt like that much. But three decades, I’m starting to feel like I’m… Continue Reading →

“Your Tweets were seen about 668 times in the last month.” Is this good? Should I care? What does it all mean????

Gosh it’s windy outside tonight, keeps gusting right through my passage.

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